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dubstep trap house breakbeat techno electronic music

THa SeLFLeSs FaCeLeSs CLaiMLeSs NaMe

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BLakTi,,, Has always wanted nothing more than to help others... Through music, sound, and vibration, it is believed by he, that the essence of which this vibration consists of,,, is the inner most vibration of which all things consist. For lack of better words, let the Music of BLakTi and ALL MUSIC be the universal Language that allow us all the gift of understanding one another, and ourselves... Less IZ MoRE~~~;););)THee essence of BLakTi is "To catch a glympse a light, in the darkness of thee night..." ... Root of the word Being, "BHAKTI" = (Devotion) (Sanskrit)... aka Devotional Lightworker, bringing light to even the darkest of situations,,, realms,,, soundscapes...etc... Wid a DeePness~~~iN uDDeR WuRDzzz!~~~~)))>>>BLakTi Be Pushin a sound like nun otha... an unclassifiable undeniable Recipe O' Rebel Bass Freakwenciez fer yer dome~NYaDa MeaN MeNG~?We aLL Have a uNiQue nD Wonderful expression~~~Thanx